Rapid Arc Welding Machines represent a leap forward in stud welding technology. They can do tasks that were previously considered impossible.

They use semi-automatic computer technology to guarantee optimal quality, consistent precision, extremely low stud rejection rates and exceptional operator safety levels.

Our RAW range comprises four machines to suit various applications. They can deliver welds ranging from 3mm-36 mm in diameter, and are capable of operating in temperatures from -20°C up to 50°C.

SILICON Rapid Arc Welding Machines - Benefits :

  • Smooth, even spread of the weld pool metal around the stud
  • RDCA (Remote Data Collection and Analysis) tracking system
  • Easy setting of finite parameters
  • Ability to select programs at the gun
  • Choice of up to 40 different programs and settings (upgradable to 500)
  • Low power consumption (smooth ‘hot plunges’ possible)
  • Generally 30% lighter in weight than traditional machines
  • Stud holders (chucks) more resistant to wear
  • Consistent current control and output during the weld

Rapid Arc Welding machines - the SILICON range

We have four machines available to suit various types of applications. Welding from 3-36 mm in diameter, with high-performance in climates up to 50°C.

Principle of Operation

The SILICON Rapid Arc Welder moves the stud in a controlled manner during the weld. The weld is monitored and kept to the pre-set values by the microcomputer. Precise control of the stud position is made possible by the use of a stepper motor and worm drive in the pistol. The stud has two reference positions. The first position is fixed half way between the extreme travel positions of the pistol. This position is called the 'rest position.'

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