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Long-lasting refractory anchoring solutions for the power industry, including Heat Recovery Steam Generators.

Power Industry: Heat Recover Steam Generator

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) play a crucial role in harnessing waste heat from the exhaust of gas turbines. The steam produced by these HRSGs can be used for process heating or electricity-generating steam turbines. These systems find application across a spectrum of gas turbine sizes, from sub-1 MW capacities to as high as 320 MW.

Operating within the HRSG presents formidable challenges. Refractory materials must exhibit enduring strength and corrosion resistance, even under exceedingly high temperatures and high velocity gas turbulence.

Any decline in insulation integrity leading to a hot spot within the stack or boiler can trigger an enforced shutdown, causing days of operational downtime and a subsequent loss of power provision. Consequently, thermal insulation employed in HRSGs need to withstand temperatures nearing 1093°C (2000°F) and endure gas velocities reaching up to 37 m/sec (120 ft/sec).

HRSGs Consist of Four Major Components

  • Economizer

  • Evaporator

  • Superheater

  • Water preheater

The different components are put together to meet the operating requirements of the unit. Boiling occurs in the evaporator of a typical steam generator circuit. This process changes the phase of water from liquid to vapor or steam. The steam is generated at the saturation temperature associated with the operating pressure.

Products applicable for the Power Industry

Refractory Anchor Solutions for the Power Industry

  • Shear Connectors, or Shear Load Connecters, are used to ‘shear’ the load of the refractory over a number of joints. With differently shaped and sized Shear Connectors, the refractory movement is controlled and cracks and other refractory stress effects can be prevented.

  • DRS Threaded Studs – The standard DRS anchor is not fully threaded. If a fully threaded pin is required, this must be specifically indicated upon inquiry.

  • MTC Mounting Clips – Available in standard measurements from 3 mm up to 12 mm.

  • PTS or Pitch Base Studs – Partially threaded studs, which are similar to standard studs but sometimes have a bigger diameter.

The materials that insulate the boiler need to stay strong even when it's very hot or when gases are moving fast. If these insulation materials start to break down in a specific area, it can cause a hot spot that might force you to stop the boiler for days, leading to a loss of power.

Therefore, refractory linings and anchors need to seal gaps, keeping heat, fire, and ash inside.

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