Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry is the cornerstone of contemporary society, fuelling industrial operations, heating households, and facilitating the movement of goods and individuals.

SILICON’s contribution lies in enabling refineries to reach unprecedented standards of safety and operational excellence through our refractory anchor solutions and RAW technology.

Have you encountered some of these well-known problems? They occur when using low-quality products.

SpeedSeries® – Hex Metal Alternatives

Over the course of numerous decades, the petrochemical industry has been dedicated to tackling a range of challenges linked to high-temperature processing vessels. A predominant contributor to these concerns has been the inadequate installation of hex metal, leading to eventual failures.

The quest for ever better performance led firstly to the SpeedCell® system which later evolved into the SpeedHex® 3 system. This is an ideal solution for all petrochemical refractory issues and we are ready to help you!

Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Turnaround and Emergency Services

SILICON is dedicated to providing the petrochemical industry with a complete solution for refractory anchoring systems. Our goal is to ensure your operations run seamlessly during planned or unexpected Turnarounds.

We have products for each component of an FCC unit, including the regenerator, cyclones, air grid, stripper, reactor, distillation tower, and riser.

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SpeedHex®3, which withstands heavy abrasion, is used in the Regenerator. The SpeedTab® is employed for edges and corners.

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Regenerator cyclones

SpeedHex®3, which withstands heavy abrasion, is used in the Regenerator Cyclones. The SpeedTab® is employed for edges and corners.

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Air Grid

For the Air Grid we use the Fiberfix system, SpeedHex®3 or SpeedTabs. Depending on the application.

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For the Reactor (similair to the Regenerator) the SpeedHex®3 is used.


Reactor Cyclones

SpeedHex®3, which withstands heavy abrasion, is used in the Reactor Cyclones. The SpeedTab® is employed for edges and corners.


Reactor Stripper

The SpeedHex®3 , which resists heavy abrasion, is used in the stripper (or filter)


Refractory Anchor Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry

In the dynamic world of the petrochemical industry, where intricate installations define the landscape, your operations demand nothing less than the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

Turnarounds hold the key to your plant's continuous success, but these essential breaks can potentially lead to significant financial setbacks, costing you millions.

This is why meticulous planning, rapid yet reliable execution, and a seamless repair process are at the heart of our approach.

Our sole focus is on getting your plant back up and running swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum value for you.

Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) for the Petrochemical Industry

Crafted by SILICON's experts, RAW technology stands as a groundbreaking technique for affixing refractory anchors within high-temperature vessels and furnaces. Renowned across the industry, this method revolutionizes anchor installation, enhancing every facet of quality, speed, and safety.

Why should you partner with SILICON?

  • Reduce Turnaround downtime

  • Improved lifetime of your refractory linings

  • Reachable 24/7 in case of emergency

  • Easier scheduling – more disciplines can work alongside the RAW team

  • Pre-turnaround service with discovery work

  • SILICON Quality Control Technicians for contracting companies

  • Problem solving solution partner

  • Quick mobilization of RAW machines, guns, anchors and welding teams during emergencies

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