SILICON’s innovative technology and world-class service means that it is now possible to bridge the gap between efficiency and cost effectiveness.

“We are always working on new and better solutions.
That is how we continue to evolve.”
- Wouter Garot

No matter the industry, if you have refractory linings in high-temperature processing vessels, you know just how expensive using inferior refractory anchors and/or traditional welding can be.

And with over 40 years of experience as industry leaders, we have seen it all:

  • Corrosion

  • Biscuiting

  • Bulging

  • Spalling

  • Break-off

  • Gas-bypass

  • Refractory failures

  • And more

Take your next Turnaround to the next level.

We believe that by providing excellent products, optimized delivery times, and quick installation leads directly to shorter stops for maintenance and overall longer service life.

And, to put it simply, long-term cost savings.

When you partner with us, you are partnering with experts.

SILICON's success stems from its unwavering commitment to three crucial aspects: efficiency/productivity, safety, and consistent high quality.

Unlike others who often have to sacrifice one in favor of the others, SILICON manages to excel in all three areas without compromise.

We make Refractory Anchoring Solutions for your industry

We offer a comprehensive solution for your refractory project, covering everything from engineering and production to final installation on-site. Our expertise spans both technical and metallurgical aspects, elevating the quality and performance of refractory anchors and their installations.

We stand ready to assist you, eager to demonstrate the transformative impact of collaborating with us. Let us showcase the positive difference we can bring to your project.

Your Full Service Provider

SILICON offers its customers a unique package: Engineering & Consultancy, Refractory Anchor Manufacturing, Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) Production & Rental, Project Management, and RAW installations — all under one roof.