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Unlock tailored solutions with our international Refractory Anchoring Solution Experts—the frontline in aligning perfect solutions with your needs and budget. Curious about our total solution?

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Refractory Anchoring Solution Experts

Our international Refractory Anchoring Solution Experts serve as the first line of contact to match the perfect solution with your needs and budget.

With a wealth of technical product information and a finger on each industry's pulse, the team keeps their knowledge base up-to-date with new applications and how our solutions can help different customers within different units, reducing the time and cost of Turnarounds or emergency shutdowns.

Interested in our total solution, but not sure how it works? Our Experts will be happy to arrange a live demo at your premises or from our headquarters in The Hague.

With over 40 years of technical and metallurgical expertise, we handle any request. With a strong customer focus, we want to create a win-win solution every time.

What can you expect from our Solution Experts?

  • Multicultural team with a global mindset

  • Offers assistance in six different languages

  • Identify your needs

  • Share knowledge

  • Develop tailor-made solutions

  • Provide accurate quoting

What our customers say about us

Heidelberg Materials - Olaf Kühne / Global Refractory Manager

"SILICON is a reliable partner with innovative welding techniques and high-quality anchorages. In this regard, SILICON has a unique selling point.
The rapid arc welding can be carried out in a confined space simultaneously with other work. RAW was first used in a major repair at one of our Russian factories, the quality of the concrete anchorage improved significantly while saving a lot of time. The long-term experience that we have made in our English factory shows consistently better durability of the anchorages."

Total Harfleur - Hubert Simon / Static Equipment Specialist

“TOTAL and SILICON have a constructive relationship. I reached out to SILICON because I was interested by the SpeedHex3® technology. After several technical meetings to fully understand the scope and the potential interest of the products, we applied the SpeedHex3® in 2019 in 2 of our refineries - for high-temperature applications : FCC Unit in France – (Combustor Riser and Regen Catalyst Slide Valve) and FCC Unit in UK – (Emergency repairs on the reactor shell and regenerator parts).
Both implementations were successful. The Total shutdown teams were fully satisfied by the quality and the efficiency of the SILICON installation team.

The Speed-Hex3® are really fast to install : implementing this technology made T&I Teams save costly hours of the shutdown planning. Moreover, this is a performant and interesting product for installing anti-erosion concrete in the FCCs. Its initial cost may be on the high side compared to the traditional anchoring systems on the market, but when you look at the long-term investment, it is a no-brainer.
One compulsory key for success is that the SpeedHex3® must be installed by the SILICON welding team using his rapid arc welding technology. We consider that their expertise is the guarantee for the implementation of this new solution. SILICON is a reliable business partner, whom we are pleased to continue our journey with.”

NUH Cement - Bilgehan Aktas / Production manager

“Especially in the kiln hood and kiln inlet area, we used to face refractory anchor problems. Thanks to the Rapid Arc Welding of the SpeedBolt® anchors in these areas, we solved our refractory abrasion problems. The SpeedBolt® anchors have reached 3 years of service!

Holcim Schweiz AG Siggenthal - Robert Szabo / Head of Production

“You have saved time for us with this welding system, which means at the end earlier start up of the kiln, hence more production in a year, compared to the traditional way”

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