Special Services

Experience unparalleled service with SILICON's exclusive in-house offerings. Our no-outsourcing approach guarantees superior quality control, quicker deliveries, and competitive prices.

In-House Special Services

SILICON's exclusive in-house services set us apart—no outsourcing, ensuring higher quality control, shorter delivery times, and competitive prices. Whether you need help choosing the right alloy, opt for bright solution annealing, or leverage our laser cutting and marking services, SILICON guarantees prime metal alloys, precision, and quality assurance every step of the way.

Metallurgical Consultancy

Choosing the right alloy for your application is critical for optimizing the service life of high-temperature processes. Factors such as corrosion, creep, design considerations, and other metallurgical phenomena can significantly impact performance. We provide customers with extensive expertise in this domain, aiding them in making the most suitable alloy selection

Bright Solution Annealing

Bright solution annealing, a heat treatment process conducted without oxygen, transforms the mechanical and physical properties of metals. This method reduces hardness, enhances ductility, and eliminates internal stresses. Furthermore, it mitigates the risks of corrosion, material fracture, cracking, and distortion. The advantages extend to a lower corrosion and embrittlement rate, ensuring prolonged durability for refractory anchoring systems.

SILICON Bright Solution Annealing

Positive Material identification

Conducting in-house Positive Material Identification (PMI) testing, we ascertain the chemical composition of metals or alloys. This comprehensive approach allows us to scrutinize all incoming stainless steel materials as raw materials upon arrival at the warehouse and again as end products before dispatch.

Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting is a thermal-based, non-contact process that excels at precision cutting of intricate contours. Achieving as little as a 1mm separation between products, it ensures minimal wastage, enabling competitive pricing. Experience quality, accuracy, versatility, and swift delivery times with this advanced solution.

SILICON fiber laser cutting

Laser Marking

On request, SILICON can apply a marking on any anchor to indicate the stainless steel quality for traceability and quality assurance.

From receiving the shipment of anchors until the time of installation, anyone who handles the anchors will know what alloy they are working with. This not only introduces traceability with stocked anchors, it also puts confidence in your Quality Control team. You can trust in SILICON to supply anchors in prime metal alloys at all times.

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Whether you require assistance in selecting the optimal alloy, prefer bright solution annealing, or wish to utilize our laser cutting and marking services, SILICON guarantees top-tier metal alloys, precision, and unwavering quality assurance at every stage of the process.