May 31st, 2022

NEW service: Bright solution annealing for long lasting anchors

The addition of an annealing furnace at SILICON HQ is very exciting for us, because thanks to this investment we no longer need to sub-contract this service. We are now able to offer you this service

Watch this video to learn more about our furnace

What is bright solution annealing?

Bright solution annealing is a heat treatment process (without oxygen) used to alter the mechanical and physical properties of metals to reduce hardness, increase ductility, and eliminate internal stresses.

It also reduces the risk of corrosion, material fracture, cracking and distortion.

Why is bright solution annealing such an added-value for your refractory anchors?

If annealed - your anchors will last much longer!

The removal of stress within the material means low corrosion rates and lower embrittlement of the material. It also means that any impurities in the grain level of metal will get dissolved with this treatment.

We can add value to every alloy, guaranteed!

Benefits of bright solution annealing for your application:

Lower corrosion rate

Lower embrittlement rate and volume

Longer lasting refractory anchoring systems

Our team also has the expertise to provide you with Pre-turnaround Service and Engineering Advice about all anchor solution aspects and materials.

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