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Better and faster Refractory Anchor Solutions for the Incineration Industry

Industrial plants for waste incineration house high-temperature waste treatment systems. Processes like incineration that involve high-temperature waste treatment fall under the category of "thermal treatment."  
SILICON specializes in Refractory Anchoring Solutions to improve and optimize these processes.

With a wealth of expertise spanning over four decades in the field of refractory anchoring systems and installation, we have consistently pioneered improved solutions tailored for the incineration sector, with the aim to elongate the lifetime of the refractory material while reducing the time spent on maintenance repairs.

Refractory linings are vital in incinerators as they shield the structure around them from the intense heat and corrosive surroundings during operation. Selecting the right refractory lining is essential to safely and effectively running the incinerator.

Choosing the correct refractory material depends on things like the incinerator's temperature, chemicals, and stress. How you install the material is also really important because it keeps the lining strong and steady.

The right refractory anchor can reduce costs while increasing efficiency and ensuring high performance for decades.

Products applicable to the Incineration Industry

1. Shear Connectors
  • Used to “shear” the load of the refractory over a number of joints

  • Support refractory ceramic tiles in a number of refuse incinerators

  • A good alternative to protect the pipe walls of the furnace

  • Tiles can offer a more robust and more easily replaceable system and controlled refractory movement

  • Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and alloy

  • Heat and corrosion resistance

  • Special smaller models available

2. CVC Anchors
  • Especially designed anchor for welding in between pipes.

  • Corrugated legs extend over the pipe, thereby increasing the holding power of the refractory material and a perfect flow through of liquids

  • Can be supplied with different types of ferrules for various pipe applications

3. YSMR & L/F Shaped anchors
  • YSMR Anchors - Originally created for the purpose of Rapid Arc Welding onto boiler pipe walls but has found its application in many other areas.

  • L and F Shaped Anchors available in a variety of sizes and alloys

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