Engineering & Consultancy

The SILICON Engineering Department is a think tank, actively designing new products, assessing existing designs for enhancements, and developing tailored customer solutions.

Engineering & Consultancy

Our engineers excel at discovering the perfect solution for your application. If you're facing challenges or processes that demand a completely new anchoring solution, worry not!

We're adept at re-engineering self-designed anchoring systems based on your drawings, samples, or sketches, seamlessly converting hand-welding specifications into Rapid Arc Weldable ones. For guidance on selecting the right alloy for your specific application, our highly recommended metallurgical consultancy service is at your disposal.

Alternatively, if you're grappling with a refractory anchoring dilemma, hand it over to us! Our engineering experts will skillfully navigate and find a suitable solution.

There's a solution for every problem and an anchor for every lining.

What can I expect?

SILICON Engineers are dynamic think tanks specializing in:

  • Identifying optimal solutions for various applications.

  • Devising new anchor solutions tailored to specific problems.

  • Re-engineering hand-weldable anchors into Rapid Arc Weldable ones.

  • Transforming self-designed anchoring systems based on provided drawings, samples, or sketches.

  • Providing expert guidance on selecting suitable alloys.

Find out how we can help you

A perfect example of what our engineers can do occurred at a project in Belgium where the customer requested a special modification to an existing anchor. Our engineers took this to the drawing table and came up with the solution.

Eager to embark on this journey with SILICON? Connect with our experts to set the wheels in motion!