Shipbuilding Industry

As far back as the turn of the 19th century, simple forms of stud welding were being developed for various shipbuilding applications. In later years, new technology and materials enabled the science of welding to develop.

SILICON’s High Precision Equipment Works Perfectly in Membrane Tanks

Membrane tanks are cargo tanks surrounded by a complete double hull structure. These tanks consist of a primary barrier (thin layer of metal), insulation, secondary membrane barrier, and further insulation. The membrane is designed in such a way that thermal and other expansion or contraction is compensated for without undue stressing of the membrane.

SILICON’s precision equipment allows operators to work even with cryogenic insulation materials, avoiding unacceptable welding faults. Cryogenic membranes are used to transport and store liquefied gas. In this type of tanker construction, the main focus is on achieving liquid tightness and temperature control.

Rapid Arc Welding Solutions for the Shipbuilding Industry

Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) technology has continued to find positive applications across a broad range of industries.
RAW and its associated studs and fasteners are used in a wide range of shipbuilding operations.

Most commonly, it is used for:

  • Welding threaded studs on to plating

  • Attachment of various fittings such as manhole rings, cable runs and pipe hangers.

  • Lining-up of joints for welding, in which the studs are used for securing reusable strongbacks and wedging-shoes

  • Temporary fixing of reusable equipment

  • Wedging joints being welded in shell plating, the studs can be welded onto the inside of the plating during prefabrication. They can be left in position after the wedges have been removed.

  • Anchoring hydraulic aligning equipment for joints between large hull sections

  • Some shipyards use high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, secured by stud-welded studs, as an alternative to steel strongbacks or wedges for use in joint alignment. The profiles can also serve to fix the ceramic backing in one-side welding.

Rapid Arc Welding machines - the SILICON range

We have four machines available to suit various types of applications. Welding from 3-36 mm in diameter, with high-performance in climates up to 50°C.

Computer Technology RAW Machines Offers

  • Thicker cables for a higher-quality weld
  • Extremely low rejection rates
  • Easy welding with smart controlled RAW guns
  • RAW guns calculate the necessary pressure and maintain it automatically
  • Lightest guns on the market
  • Real-time weld quality logging
  • Remotely optimized process
  • Machine history and welding settings recorded and backed up
  • Real-time graphing of welding conditions
  • Easy troubleshooting of welding anomalies
SILICON C-14 Shear Connector

Welding Stud Design for the Shipbuilding Industry

SILICON designs welding studs and fasteners for all sorts of applications for the Shipbuilding Industry. Below you can find our most popular products. Please note that our in-house engineering team can design any product according to your drawings or specifications.

  • Shear connectors

  • Headed concrete studs

  • Cable hangers

  • Electro flat bars

  • Levelling studs

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