PS12 - Single Gun Machine

This 800 amp single-gun unit answers the need for a smaller lighter RAW machine capable of undertaking high quality welding. Suitable for studs up to ⌀ 12 mm.


Depth/Length 0.53m
Height 0.51m
Width 0.30m
Machine weight 69 kg
Operating Temperature -15/+45 deg C
Storage temperature -20/+60 deg C
Welding method Silicon RAW CCDA
Welding time range 25-600 msec
Pilot current output 15 Amps
Main current range 100-800 Amps
Open circuit voltage 58 Volts
Number of welding guns 1
Gun Weight type PUM 25 3.2 kg
Gun Weight type PNG 50 3.8 kg
Stud diameter range 3-12 mm
Stud velocity range 25-120 mm/sec
Stud thrust at 50 mm/sec 85 Nf
Stud thrust at 120 mm/sec 55 Nf
Power consumption (idle) 120 watts
Peak Volt-Amp consumption 58 kVA
Mains current fuse rating (380 V) 32 Amps slow fuse
Welding rate max. capacity 2 per min.

Guns for this machine