SILICON is a metal fabrication company, designing and manufacturing a wide range of specialist heat-resistant anchors for use in the petrochemical, cement, incineration, steel, power industries.

In parallel, we have developed our own stud welding system – known as Rapid Arc Welding – to raise the quality and efficiency of the anchor installation process to the highest possible standards.

SILICON was established in The Netherlands by Wouter Garot in 1982.

At that time, the heat-resistant anchor industry was dominated by old and traditional methods that had failed to keep pace with the ever-increasing loads and stresses that modern applications were demanding.

Wouter used his expertise in materials science and his experience in applying special high temperature alloys to develop anchoring systems that were custom-made to suit specific evolving industrial process requirements. He established SILICON to bring his products to European – and ultimately international – markets.

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In 1990 SILICON embarked on a highly ambitious project to revolutionise stud welding. The challenge was to develop a stud welding system that was the best of its kind. Today, SILICON’s stud welding technology – known as Rapid Arc Welding - is recognised worldwide for its excellent safety record, consistent high quality and ease of operation.

SILICON enters US market

In 1998, SILICON turned its attention to the US market where there was a pent-up demand for high-performance heat-resistant anchoring products and installation services.

Since the establishment of SILICON Rapid Arc Welding Contracting & Services Inc, many industries in the US have converted from conventional stud welding and taken up Rapid Arc Welding as their preferred standard. For several of the biggest companies in the US energy, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries we are the trusted name in refractory anchoring systems and associated welding technology.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, we service customers across the world's key industrial markets including Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, Asia and South America.


2021 is the year of a new development for us : the establishment of our daughter company - SILICON ASIA. We are from now on able to service this continent directly from our new office, located in Japan. Our sales account managers are of course travelling all over Asia. Do reach out for requesting a welding / anchor demonstration!

We make Refractory Anchoring Solutions for your industry

What our customers say about us

Heidelberg Materials - Olaf Kühne / Global Refractory Manager

"SILICON is a reliable partner with innovative welding techniques and high-quality anchorages. In this regard, SILICON has a unique selling point.
The rapid arc welding can be carried out in a confined space simultaneously with other work. RAW was first used in a major repair at one of our Russian factories, the quality of the concrete anchorage improved significantly while saving a lot of time. The long-term experience that we have made in our English factory shows consistently better durability of the anchorages."

Total Harfleur - Hubert Simon / Static Equipment Specialist

“TOTAL and SILICON have a constructive relationship. I reached out to SILICON because I was interested by the SpeedHex3® technology. After several technical meetings to fully understand the scope and the potential interest of the products, we applied the SpeedHex3® in 2019 in 2 of our refineries - for high-temperature applications : FCC Unit in France – (Combustor Riser and Regen Catalyst Slide Valve) and FCC Unit in UK – (Emergency repairs on the reactor shell and regenerator parts).
Both implementations were successful. The Total shutdown teams were fully satisfied by the quality and the efficiency of the SILICON installation team.

The Speed-Hex3® are really fast to install : implementing this technology made T&I Teams save costly hours of the shutdown planning. Moreover, this is a performant and interesting product for installing anti-erosion concrete in the FCCs. Its initial cost may be on the high side compared to the traditional anchoring systems on the market, but when you look at the long-term investment, it is a no-brainer.
One compulsory key for success is that the SpeedHex3® must be installed by the SILICON welding team using his rapid arc welding technology. We consider that their expertise is the guarantee for the implementation of this new solution. SILICON is a reliable business partner, whom we are pleased to continue our journey with.”

NUH Cement - Bilgehan Aktas / Production manager

“Especially in the kiln hood and kiln inlet area, we used to face refractory anchor problems. Thanks to the Rapid Arc Welding of the SpeedBolt® anchors in these areas, we solved our refractory abrasion problems. The SpeedBolt® anchors have reached 3 years of service!



We believe that commercial companies should be connected to the communities in which they are based. To promote this sense of engagement, we have developed a sponsorship program aimed at supporting sports clubs that are local to our headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.

Teamwork – Storks H1

Storks is the biggest baseball/softball club in The Hague area, fielding numerous teams for both women and men, across a wide range of age groups.
Founded after WW2 with funds from the Marshall Plan, Storks has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to its coaching schemes, many Storks teams have become champions in the national leagues, and many players have starred in Dutch national baseball and softball teams.
We have been supporting Storks for 5 years. Currently we’re proud to be the main sponsor of the top men’s baseball team at the club. They’ve been playing in the Dutch major league since 2018 and it’s the only team representing the local area at the highest level in the country.

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High performance – HAAG Talent Team

HAAG Atletiek is one of the biggest sports clubs in The Hague, offering track and field facilities for people of all ages. Founded in 1913, HAAG has an excellent record of inspiring and developing high-performance athletes, some of whom are currently competing at either national or international level. Over the past five years, the men’s team has won the title of National Champions no less than three times. Since 2016 we have been proud to sponsor the HAAG Talent Team. This program aims to support talented athletes aged 16-22 who aspire to develop their athletic skills beyond club level.

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If you can’t see a suitable job opportunity but feel you’d like to be involved, please feel free to contact us, detailing your skills and experience.

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