Refractory Anchors

At SILICON, we design, manufacture and install heat-resistant Refractory Anchoring Systems. These systems are tailored for customers whose production processes depend on high-temperature vessels.

Refractory Anchor Manufacturing

SILICON operates a production facility with a vast range of tooling, machines, and equipment, ensuring prompt delivery and high-quality manufacturing of refractory anchors with complete control. To us, these anchors aren't just "pieces of steel" but finely engineered components tailored to your refractory applications.

We maintain substantial stocks of high-temperature alloys like 310, 330, 800, 601, and 625 in various forms—round bars, flat bars, plates, and round wire. Employing Positive Material Identification (PMI), we meticulously verify that all incoming raw materials meet our specifications.

If you choose to create your anchoring systems, we're delighted to produce them based on your drawings or samples. If you can envision it, we can bring it to life! Our engineering specialists are here to assist in turning your designs into reality.

Our Refractory Anchoring Systems

If you prefer to design your own anchoring systems, we are happy to manufacture them according to your drawings or samples. If you can draw it, we can make it! Our engineering specialists can help turn it into reality.
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Brick Linings (Series B)

From claws to consoles, standard or custom made supports for brick linings. For any application in many different alloys.

Concrete Linings (Series C)

For single component, low density, and high-density linings. Corrugated, specially formed for superior holding power, suitable for studwelding / handwelding / mechanical bolt-on fastening.

Dual Linings (Series D)

We have refractory anchoring systems available for many refractory concrete linings, employing multi-component configurations like high-density hot face linings backed by lower density heat conserving materials.

Ceramic Fiber Linings (Series F)

One of the growing materials for heat conversation is ceramic fiber in blanket, modules, and board form.

Metallic Fibers

reinforcing fibers can be used to reinforce the refractory material and enhance shock resistance.

SpeedSeries - Petrochem and Cement industries - REVOLUTIONARY!

For FCC Units, Cement plants, Burner Pipes -
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We aim to create products that will minimise risk and deliver results that exceed the customer’s expectations.

From our purpose-built facility near The Hague, we can supply a wide range of high temperature alloys such as 310, 330, 800, 601 and 625. These are available in various shapes, including round bars, flat bars, plates and round wire. At any time, we hold large quantities of these materials, enabling us to respond rapidly to customer demand and offer competitively short delivery times.