A compact dual gun package with a higher capacity than the D20 NG, perfect for middle-sized fabrication companies who want high welding productivity. Suitable for studs up to 24 mm.


Depth/length 1.05 m
Height 0.92 m
Width 0.635 m
Machine weight 335 kg
Operating Temperature -15/ +45 deg C
Storage Temperature -20/+60 deg C
Welding method SILICON RAW CCDA*
Welding time range 25-2000 msec
Pilot current output 15 Amps
Main current range 300-2400 Amps
Open circuit voltage 58 Volts
Number of welding guns 2
Gun weight type PUM 25 3.2 kg
Gun weight type PNG 50 3.8 kg
Gun weight type PNH 70 5.7 kg
Gun weight type PNH 120 7.76 kg
Stud diameter range 3-24 mm
Stud velocity range 25-120 mm/sec
Stud thrust at 50 mm/sec 85 Nf
Stud thrust at 120 mm/sec 55 Nf
Power consumption (idle) 120 watts
Peak Volt-Amp consumption 250 kVA
Mains current fuse rating (380 V) 125 Amps slow fuse
Welding rate max. capacity 4 per min.

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