Developed exclusively by SILICON, Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) is an innovative method of fixing refractory anchors inside high temperature vessels and furnaces

It is recognized industry-wide for its ability to optimize the quality, speed and safety of the anchor installation process.

Using RAW technology rather than conventional stud welding, our teams can dramatically reduce the installation time while achieving unparalleled precision

When it comes to installation, our mobile Rapid Arc Welding team are ready to respond to the challenge, wherever it may be in the world. Or, if you prefer, you can rent or lease RAW equipment and technology so that your own workforce can carry out the installation.

Watch our video on the Cemex project using SpeedBolts® installation.

We are your full service partner

When it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing refractory anchors, we are unquestionably the experts. We recognise that it is crucial for our customers to minimise downtime on their plants and projects. That’s why we make every effort to ensure our service delivery is geared to achieving that goal.

Fast Response & Mobilization

Rental Machines, Welding Guns & Accessories

Project Management

Metallurgical Consultancy

Anchor Quality Control, Supervision and/or Installation

Decrease Turnaround Downtime by welding at least 10 times faster than hand welding

All our products and services are applicable in every industry

Engineer your anchors into Rapid Arc Weldable versions to weld them faster and better

Traditional Stud Welding Machine

  • Longer cables mean larger power loss
  • Different stud types usually require different stud guns
  • Allows welding on contaminated surfaces
  • Risk of gun overheating
  • Spring-loaded
  • No indication of successful weld
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Operator has to change programs on the machine
  • Inaccurate method of setting welding parameters

SILICON Rapid arc welding Machine - Benefits

  • No loss of power – RAW machine automatically compensates
  • Single gun capable of welding studs from 3mm (1/8”)- 36mm (1,4”), with an option to handle 50mm on request.
  • Will not permit welding if resistance between the stud and the metallic surface indicates an oxide or other contaminants
  • No jamming due to heat build-up
  • Stepper motor programmed to accelerate/decelerate the stud during its travel
  • Two LED light indicate sound/faulty weld
  • 30% lighter than conventional machines
  • Program can be switched at the gun – useful when working at height
  • User-friendly touch screen

CEMEX Project

Jorg Spzerlinski - Manager Engineering & Projects Cemex Germany : "The big advantages of this system are the high speed of installation and that the studs will hold for a long period of time. When the anchors have worn down, you can still use the SpeedBolts so that you only need to replace the anchors."

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