Our Rapid Arc Welding guns have a weld quality indicator

With a vast amount of experience in anchor installation, we have developed a range of RAW guns that are far more advanced than traditional stud welding guns. Robust and reliable, they require no maintenance and are always ready to go to work. In action, they are rapid yet also very controllable thanks to the built-in program selection system.

SILICON Rapid Arc Welding guns - benefits :

  • Our guns use a stepper motor instead of a solenoid to weld, making it able to handle up to 8 welding parameters at once
  • Setup is very simple, taking just one minute
  • Very operator friendly - and much safer than other welding techniques
  • Robust. Construction sites are a tough environment - that's why we design our guns to handle difficult conditions
  • No maintenance required - they are always ready to go when you are
  • Easy chuck installation - custom-made to your needs
  • Lightweight - all our guns are designed to enhance ease of use
  • No overheating - our technology controls weld temperatures to prevent overheating
  • Program selection at gun - no long trips back down to the machine to change your settings

Rapid Arc Welding guns - the SILICON range

Principle of operation

The SILICON rapid arc welder moves the stud in a controlled manner during the weld. The weld is monitored and kept to the pre-set values by the microcomputer. Precise control of the stud position is made possible by the use of a stepper motor and worm drive in the pistol. The stud has two reference positions. The first position is fixed half way between the extreme travel positions of the pistol. This position is called the 'rest position.'

Chucks, ferrules and extension cables

Our chucks (stud holders), ferrules and ferrule plates are engineered and custom-made for each of our anchor types. They are incredibly durable when used correctly and can be used interchangeably on all of our guns.

Our extension cables consist of a standard black welding current cable and a yellow computer (control) cable that relays communication between the gun and the machine. We have made our cables extremely durable and weather-resistant.