November 24th, 2023

Revolutionizing Welding: The Advantages of Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) Technology

Traditional welding methods faced challenges that affected the stud and hand welding industry for years. Enter Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) technology—a revolutionary solution that addresses longstanding issues in hand and stud welding. Discover how RAW is transforming the industry with its safety, user-friendly interface, rapid performance, and delivery of high-quality welds.

Unleashing the Power of RAW Technology

RAW technology stands out as a game-changer in the welding industry. Unlike traditional hand and stud welding methods, RAW is entirely computer-controlled, automatically assessing material conditions and welding parameters at the welding point. This meticulous control ensures consistently high-quality welds, setting RAW apart from its predecessors.

Quality control is paramount, with supervisors conducting visual inspections and rigorous bend or hammer tests. The RAW machine's RDCA (Remote Data Collection Access) software records real-time data, creating a comprehensive graph of welding conditions for further analysis.

Efficiency Redefined: RAW vs. Conventional Welding

SILICON's RAW technology has left a significant impact on diverse industries. Offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, RAW excels in efficiency and safety.

In the past, traditional welding techniques resulted in inconsistent and poor-quality welds. Hand welding required extensive expertise, slowing operations. In challenging areas, like corners and ceilings, hand welding faced obstacles due to safety regulations, machinery accessibility, and health risks from toxic fumes.

Statistically, a standard hand welding repair project requiring 20,000 anchors could take 8 days with 20 hand welders. In contrast, a team of 10 RAW operators using RAW technology completes the same repair in just 2 days. This remarkable speed is achieved in a safe environment, thanks to computerized and electrode-free equipment.

Tailored Solutions from SILICON

SILICON adapts to your needs, providing a full team of welders and supervisors, supplying necessary equipment, and offering services such as marking, grinding, and metallurgic consultancy. The ability to engineer anchors into Rapid Arc Weldable versions further enhances the efficiency of the welding process.

RAW Machines and Accessories

SILICON's RAW machines defy previous limitations, accomplishing tasks once deemed impossible. These computer-controlled machines ensure minimal irritations, low rejection rates, and maximum quality. The RDCA™ feature enables real-time weld quality logging and troubleshooting, optimizing the welding process remotely.

RAW Guns & Accessories, exclusively designed by SILICON, complement the technology, making welding in diverse positions and tight spaces a seamless process.

Operation Principle: Unveiling the SILICON Rapid Arc Welder's Precision

At the heart of the SILICON rapid arc welder lies a meticulously designed operational principle. This innovative welding technology orchestrates a controlled movement of the stud throughout the welding process, all under the vigilant supervision of a microcomputer. The microcomputer ensures that the weld adheres to pre-set values, guaranteeing precision and consistency.

Key to this precision is the integration of a stepper motor and worm drive within the pistol of the welder. This dynamic combination facilitates the exact control of the stud's position, allowing for a seamless welding experience. The stud, in turn, is guided by two reference positions, with the first being strategically fixed halfway between the pistol's extreme travel positions. Termed the 'rest position,' this reference point serves as a pivotal anchor for maintaining optimal control throughout the welding operation.

Advantages of RAW: Redefining Welding Dynamics

Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) significantly reduces installation time, minimizes human error, and eliminates health and safety risks associated with welding fumes. Experience 60-70% fewer staff requirements, 10 times faster welding, ease in tough installations, fast response and mobilization, and the ability to continue other work alongside the RAW team.

In conclusion, RAW technology is not just a welding method; it's a transformative force reshaping the landscape of the welding industry, offering unprecedented efficiency, safety, and quality. Embrace the future of welding with Rapid Arc Welding.

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