August 30th, 2023

Navigating Success with SILICON: A Step-by-Step Guide

Perhaps you're employed in the petrochemical industry or find yourself at a cement plant, incinerator, or heat recovery steam generator. Regardless of the industry, one common thread emerges - the need for high-temperature refractory material and the essential role that anchors play in ensuring its stability.

If you find yourself seeking top-tier refractory anchors, and if your recent installations have been marred by recurring issues leading to increased downtime and financial strain, you're likely in search of a dependable partner who can provide rapid and consistent solutions. But where should you initiate this search?

Allow us to introduce SILICON Refractory Anchoring Solutions. With a legacy spanning over four decades, and hailing from The Netherlands, we bring forth a wealth of experience and continuous innovation, coupled with a global network for seamless logistics and sales.

This comprehensive guide is designed to walk you through the collaborative journey with SILICON.

Whether your requirements involve standard commodity anchors and associated components, or if you're in need of custom-engineered specialty anchors crafted by our proficient team, we've got you covered at every step.

How to Work with SILICON:

A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: You and your team

The first step begins with you and your team either planning your next Turnaround, identifying issues, or responding to emergencies.

Seeking a partner who embodies innovation, furnishes high-quality refractory anchors, deploys knowledgeable on-site teams, champions sustainable solutions, and guarantees prompt delivery and precise installation is paramount.

Whether you're stationed at a cement plant, refinery, or any high-temperature refractory application, rest assured, we've encountered and solved it all.

Step 2: Contact our Sales Team

The next step is to contact our multicultural sales team, offering assistance in six different languages.

Through open dialogue, we unravel your needs, crafting tailor-made solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Step 3: Engineering, Projects and Inside Sales

This phase marks a convergence of collaborative efforts by our Engineering, Projects, and Inside Sales teams as we delve into your requirements, setting the stage for accurate quoting.

However, if your interest lies in ordering commodity anchors and accessories exclusively, you may expedite to Inside Sales for a quote.

3 (a). Engineering

Need a totally new anchor solution? Our Engineering team will spring into action. Adapting hand welding specifications to Rapid Arc Weldable ones, or re-engineering self-designed anchors as per your blueprints—these experts master it all.

Once complete, our Insides Sales team will be in touch with you to calculate your quote.

3 (b). Projects

Our dedicated Projects team will calculate the cost of Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) machines and guns, equipment, and freelancers required for your order.

Should your preference lean towards in-house installation, we facilitate training, complete with on-site supervision, ensuring seamless execution.

3 (c). Inside Sales

If you are looking for commodity anchors and/or accessories, our Inside Sales team will be in touch to advise you on the best option for your situation and will calculate your quote.

Inside Sales will also be in touch with a quote if you need specialty anchors, RAW technology and onsite installation teams.

Step 4: Order & Production

The next step is when the order is placed, which kicks off a flurry of activity at the SILICON Headquarters in The Netherlands.

Our in-house production team work quickly and efficiently to make high-quality refractory anchors for your Turnaround, repair, or emergency.

In our warehouse, Positive Material Identification (PMI) accompany every incoming metal shipment and outgoing anchor dispatch, ensuring precision to your specifications.

Did you request Bright Annealing or Laser Marking? This is when it will happen. Did you know that refractory anchors that have undergone annealing last much longer?

Quality Control (QC) protocols woven into production incorporate approval checks prior to mass manufacturing. Before departing to the packaging phase, a final inspection guarantees adherence to your requisites.

Step 5: Shipping

The Packaging team ensures that your order is packed according to your wishes, verifying quantities and securing your consignment.

The next step sees the Logistics team shipping your order to you, monitoring the shipment until it reaches its final destination.

Step 6: Installation

The final step sees our crew setting up the machines and guns. From here they will surprise you with high-quality and fast Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) installation!

If you prefer to weld the anchors yourself, you can rent or lease RAW equipment and technology so that your own workforce can carry out the installation. We will train your team, of course, to ensure the best results.

Chances of failure of the anchor with RAW is 0,1% as experience has shown over the past 30 years.
"10x faster installation, high-quality welds and no toxic fumes compared to manual installation”

Eager to embark on this transformative journey with SILICON?
Connect with our Sales Team to set the wheels in motion!

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