Petrochem, Canada, March 2024

An emergency shutdown occurred due to hex spalling and cracking on the riser feed nozzle shields, jeopardizing the possibility of making it to the official Turnaround early 2025. SILICON SpeedHex ® was requested because of its reputation for  both quality and speed of installation, using Rapid Arc Welding.

Scope of work

Initially, SILICON SpeedHex® was requested  for the quality and installation . However, upon evaluation, it was deemed  too large for this area. Consequently, a smaller hex pattern was needed. SpeedHex® Minis emerged as the perfect solution and were promply approved for installation to meet the deadline.

To expedite installation, a day and night shift rotation involving  three crew members was implemented for optimal efficiency. Additionally,  
SpeedVee® anchors were installed in the lower regenerator sidewalls.

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SpeedHex®3  and SpeedVee®

The SpeedHex®3
is designed to remove the direct path to the shell for gasses and enable continuous refractory protection across the surface of the shell, rather than only cookies/small pockets of protection and allows for more refractory material to flow through, over, under AND in between each cell.

SpeedVee® has outperformed conventional V anchors in every vessel they have been installed in. They're safer, more reliable and more cost-effective by having huge positive schedule impacts. With these full fusion welds, V anchors are no longer just little refractory attachments - they become mechanical upgrades, with refractory features.

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At this jobsite

  • Anchors/solution: SpeedHex® 3 , SpeedVee®, FFS
  • Areas: Riser, Regenerator
  • 3 Crew Members: 1 Project Manager, 1 Supervisor, 1 Operator
  • Installation time: 9 days

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