Cement plant Germany, May 2023

Last may, an emergency repair took place using leftover SpeedBolts® from a previous repair. SILICON received the final confirmation on a Friday, with the request to start the Monday after.

The job was intended to last one week, but the installation by a SILICON supervisor using the fast Rapid Arc Welding technology reduced it to two days!

This urgent deadline was met, thanks to the quick mobilization of the equipment, the on-site crew, and the proactive response of the SILICON Projects team.

At this jobsite

  • 2 days installation & repairs
  • SpeedBolt System
  • 1 supervisor/welder
  • Emergency repair - fast mobilization

SpeedBolt system?
SpeedBolts® are moveable anchors mainly used in rotary kilns, where more stress occurs due to refractory movement. Conventional moveable anchors are normally not very reusable due to thermal processes and destructive refractory removal methods.

How does it work?
The SpeedBolt®  system exists of 3 parts, the “eye” which is welded with Rapid Arc Welding on the colder side of the shell, next the bullhorn anchor is fitted trough the “eye” and a plastic clip is hammered on top to secure everything in place.

The SpeedBolt® system can last from 3 tot 12 years! Want to learn more about this innovative and reusable system? Discover why the SpeedBolt® system is a mechanical upgrade.

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