March 1st, 2022

SpeedBolt® is NOT "just" an anchor, it is a MECHANICAL UPGRADE!

Find out why this reusable SpeedBolt® system works so well - - - CEMENT INDUSTRY

Moveable anchors are mainly used in rotary kilns where more stress occurs due to refractory movement. They are not very reusable, not only because of the process, but due to the intensity of the refractory removal - where they get destroyed.

On the contrary, the SpeedBolt® is reusable!

See below a few pictures of how the SpeedBolt® looks like after 5 years of service.
Those were taken on a recent jobsite at Cemex Rüdersdorf, in Germany (2022).

Comparing the completely destroyed Vee anchor with the look of the SpeedBolt®, shows that the Vee will perform. However it will perform based on the environmental conditions. This means V anchors should be considered expendable, consumable. The SpeedBolt's shape is physically separated from the anchor and is on the colder side, and has retained its full shape despite the high temperature process and (importantly) the chipping hammer (part of the removal process of the refractory).

That is why the SpeedBolt® should not be considered "just" an anchor : it is a MECHANICAL UPGRADE to the cement processing vessel.

The picture may not look good because of the rust and dust and eaten away V anchor, but it is absolutely EXACTLY what this product is designed to do.
The little wire you see attached to the base of the anchor (in case you were wondering) is from where they tie off wooden forms for the refractory installation, this is very normal.

See below a picture of how the SpeedBolt looks like after 3-4 years of service.
Taken on a recent jobsite at NUH Cement in Istanbul (2022).

So, in a nutshell, the SpeedBolt® system reduces time and cost in future turnarounds.

The SpeedBolt® anchor will not need replacement when the new Bullhorn anchor is fitted in the next turnaround. It is made of stainless steel and will resist corrosion for several turnarounds.
YES, the SpeedBolt® resists demolition without problem and will be reused during the next TA.

  • The Bullhorn V anchor part is available in different diameters, lengths and materials. Its wide corrugation holds the refractory in any movement providing flexibility and resistance to the refractory lining.

  • The base of the SpeedBolt® has a diameter of 5/8 in. (16mm) that guarantees a solid weld for large volumes of refractory.

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