September 21st, 2023

Your Winter Repair Game Plan Starts Now!

Thorough preparation is essential for achieving effective performance.”
Wouter Garot

Most Cement Plants are busy preparing for winter repairs from September to November. Seasoned maintenance and plant managers know the importance of early preparation, and, if done right, it will impact the success of the winter repairs.

The months leading up to winter repair season are the ideal time to inspect all refractory materials and review what needs to be replaced and/or repaired.

Common refractory problems in the cement industry:

  • Corrosion and chemical attacks

  • Poor anchoring system quality

  • Detachment of anchors and/or refractory concrete

  • Low-quality welds

If you are looking for a path to worry-free winter repairs at your cement plant, partnering with SILICON will ensure seamless upgrade or repair of your refractory anchors.

Want to know how?
Read on to discover how a SILICON partnership can rectify common refractory problems.

SpeedSeries®: Your Winter Warrior

SILICON’s SpeedSeries offer greater corrosion resistance and substantially reduce installation and repair time.

The SpeedBolt® system

The SpeedBolt® system consists of a Rapid Arc Weldable SpeedBolt®, a specially designed Bullhorn anchor, and a plastic clip. It was developed to facilitate the installation of moveable and floating anchors for dynamic refractory linings for the cement industry, where rigid anchoring systems are to be avoided.

Rapid Arc Welding technology improves safety and cuts down on installation time and labor costs.

The big advantages of this system are the high speed of installation and that the studs will hold for a long period of time. When the anchors have worn down, you can still use the SpeedBolt® so that you only need to replace the anchors." Jorg Spzerlinski-Manager Engineering & Projects Cemex Germany

Key features include:

  • Predictable and known to last several Turnarounds/Winter Repairs

  • Reusable and is the perfect product to meet your sustainable goals

  • Made from Stainless Steel and is resistant to corrosion

  • Installed with RAW technology

  • 3D movable anchor

  • Available in various alloys

  • Resistant to demolition

  • Can be installed on flat and curved surfaces, on the sides, overhead, and downwards.

The SpeedCell® system

Are anchors not lasting long enough on your burner pipe? SILICON’s SpeedCell® system is the solution! The single-point fastening method, using a stud, allows for a safe and damage-free repetitive expansion and contraction of the refractory material. Furthermore, burners will last two or three times longer thanks to the SpeedCell® system.

Key features include:

  • Installed with RAW technology

  • Strong refractory holding power

  • Increasing the lifetime of the refractory

  • Studs available in any allow

  • Fast installation

  • Multi-layer refractory solutions

The SpeedVee®

SpeedVee® outperforms poorly welded standard wavy V anchors.

The fixed anchor SpeedVee® is highly resistant to corrosion and continues to surpass conventional V anchors in every vessel they have been installed in.

They are safer, more reliable and more cost-effective because they save time during Turnarounds or Winter Repairs. With these full fusion welds, V anchors are no longer just little refractory attachments, they have become mechanical upgrades.

Key features include:

  • Produced from diameter ø16mm to guarantee better corrosion resistance

  • Possibility of manufacturing in two different alloys: V and Stud

  • Dual alloy component anchors

  • Solid welds

  • Installation with RAW technology

The SpeedClaw

The SpeedClaw gives an even distribution of brick-weight support across the head of the anchor.

Key features include:

  • Robust and highly resistant to corrosion

  • Fast installation with RAW technology

  • One-stud solution

Rapid Arc Welding

Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) cuts installation time and reduces human error during the anchor installation process. RAW also eliminates health and safety risks associated with welding fumes, minimizing welding sparks while working in confined spaces.

  • 60 – 70 per cent fewer staff required in one space

  • 10 times faster

  • Easy to weld in tough installations

  • Fast response and mobilization

  • Efficient - Other work can continue alongside the RAW team

“You have saved time for us with this welding system, which means at the end earlier start-up of the kiln, hence more production in a year, compared to the traditional way.”

Robert Szabo - Head of Production, Holcim Schweiz AG Siggenthal

Tailored Solutions Just for You

Looking for a one-stop shop for your refractory anchor project for your next winter repair?

We can tailor the perfect solution for you from engineering to production and the final installation with a crew on site. SILICON plans and executes numerous winter repair projects with various degrees of complexity. These projects require an attention-to-detail to planning and coordination in order to achieve optimal refractory anchor installation.

Our team also works closely with your team, providing valuable advice to ensure that every factor is taken into account.

Q: I have a problem or process that require a totally new anchor solution. Can SILICON help?

A: No problem! Our engineers are champions at finding the ideal solution for your application. We can also re-engineer self-designed anchoring systems according to your own drawings, samples or sketches, transforming hand-welding specifications to Rapid Arc Weldable ones.

Q: I need advice on which alloy to choose for my specific application.

A: Our metallurgical consultancy service is highly recommended. When choosing the right alloy, we look at a variety of elements, not just temperature. We look at the environment, cyclic conditions, strength, ductility, and melting point. Furthermore, with over four decades of working in the industry, we have tested various alloys in actual service conditions and have determined each alloy's suitability for a particular application.

Q: I am not sure how alternative fuels affect refractory materials. How does SILICON take this under consideration?

A: In the push for sustainability in the cement industry, many plants have turned to alternative fuels emitting less CO2 when burnt. However, it is important to note that alternative fuels can come with a higher percentage of volatile matter which can lead to increased corrosion of both the refractory lining and anchors. At SILICON, we consider the uncertainty of alternative fuels when advising you on the choice of the proper alloy for your application.

The Secret to Long-Term Savings: Quality Matters

Investing in high-quality refractory anchor solutions can lead to long-term cost savings. How? Let us share a real-life example:

A few years ago, a cement plant in Turkey was experiencing problems every six months, which led to emergency repairs, resulting in downtime. The continuous cycle had significant financial ramifications including the cost of the repairs every six months as well as the loss of income from the downtime. SILICON was contacted with a request for a long-term usable anchor solution with better installation. They needed the best solution in the kiln hood and kiln inlet. We recommended the Speedbolt® for their problematic areas, which ticked all the boxes. That specific installation lasted four years. Bottom line? They not only saved financially but were also able to enjoy uninterrupted production.

What else can you expect?

Your Success Story is Our Success Story

SILICON is on a mission to provide the technical and metallurgical expertise required to bring refractory anchors and their installation to the next level. What does this mean for you? It means that we are committed to providing you with the best solution for your particular set of problems in your cement plant.

We recognize that it is crucial for you to minimize downtime at your cement plant during the winter repair season. That’s why we make every effort to ensure our service delivery is geared to achieve that goal.

Ask us about our solutions for rotary kilns, cyclones, coolers, burner pipes, preheaters, air ducts, calciners and many other industrial process units.

We have a solution for every anchoring problem.