C-11 SpeedCell®

NEW application in cement plants: SpeedCells® on BURNER PIPES!

This series was at first designed only for use in Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) installations as an ideal alternative to hex metal. SpeedCells® were developed in 1989 for use in refineries, where engineers and installers were facing increasing headaches in applying hex metal in petrochemical installations. SILICON’s solution was this single cell system that, together with the ramming mixes, creates its own independent island of resistance and strength. Its additional strength and holding power make it exceptionally suitable for concrete ramming.

In 2015, our engineering department developed the SpeedHex® 3, the solution to the hex metal corrosion problem. Want to know more? Click here to request your password

SILICON's SpeedCell® Refractory Anchors

C-11 SpeedCell

NEW application in cement plants : SpeedCells® on BURNER PIPES ! The ONLY way to increase their lifespan.
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SpeedCell® SCS50 3G

Indicate SCS.50 3rd generation and lining height upon inquiry/order

SpeedCell® SCS50 2G

Indicate SCS.50 2nd generation and lining height upon inquiry/order

SpeedCell® SCS30

To fill small gaps near edges. Indicate lining height upon inquiry/order.

SpeedCell® SHS

Shoulder Stud for SCS application

SpeedCells® on BURNER PIPES at Heidelberg

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