C-10 Moveable Anchors

Moveable anchors are mainly used in rotary kilns where more stress occurs due to refractory movement. These anchors are fixed during installation but become ‘free’ during operation. This allows the refractory anchor to move with the refractory material as it undergoes variable loads, thereby reducing stresses on both materials.
The SpeedBolt® system consists of a Rapid Arc Weldable SpeedBolt®, a specially designed Bullhorn anchor and a plastic clip. As soon as the operating temperature is reached, the fastened clip will melt and give the SpeedBolt® Bullhorn refractory anchor freedom to move (floating characteristic to the application). The SpeedBolt® is designed to be welded with the SILICON Rapid Arc Welding technology. This improves safety and cuts down on installation time and labor costs.

Patents: Speedbolt® NL2006790 - EP2525006 - US8,844,239

C-10 Moveable Anchors

C-10 Moveable Anchors




Installation set of the ‘moveable’ anchor available on request


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