Protect Nature and our Future

We understand the importance and complexity of using green technologies in our industry. The world is constantly developing and technology does not stand still - every day new innovative solutions to yesterday's problem appear. We set the standard for our industry and make responsible decisions by putting the future of our planet first.

  • Zero CO2 Emission with SILICON Rapid Arc Welding Technology
    Our innovations and technologies allow us not only to reduce installation time and improve its quality but also to talk about reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, as well as the complete safety of our employees from toxic gases.

  • Energy saving initiative. SILICON meets and exceeds the Dutch Energy Saving Notification Obligation for reporting and reducing non-green energy consumption and is highly invested in solar energy.

  • Green energy for our production. We have installed solar panels on the roof of our Headquarters to ensure the production of green energy and contribute to the protection of the environment.

  • Bicycle plan for every employee. Our Headquarters is located in The Netherlands, where the bicycle is the main of form of transportation. We support our employees in their efforts to stay healthy and use green transportation. To this end, we have developed a special program to make the purchase of new bicycles more affordable.

  • Unique reusable anchors for less turnarounds. Our unique innovative reusable anchor SpeedBolt® is already reducing the number of repairs at cement plants. We save time and resources, reduce harmful emissions during installations and repairs.

  • Long-lasting life for all our solutions. SILICON's high-quality standards contribute to the fact that the life span of our products significantly exceeds generally accepted standards. This helps to reduce repair time, as well as the harmful emissions associated with it.