Petrochem, Northern Europe, July 2023

In July this year, we completed a planned Turnaround at an oil shale plant in Northern Europe, whose main purpose is processing oil shale into oil and gas while generating electricity as a by-product.

SILICON was brought onboard to perform vital repairs in two of their cyclones using SpeedHex®3 and SpeedTabs®, installed with Rapid Arc Welding technology.

These anchors, and the welding technology, were completely new to the client and our on-site crew noted a lot of interest, with many visitors coming to the site to observe the welding. The crew saw that the onlookers were impressed by the welding quality.

Thanks to the nature of the anchors, their performance is a pure example of how innovation can improve the product's endurance and reliability. This is how we bring the anchor installation industry to a new level, with safe and heat-resistant constructions.

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At this jobsite

  • Anchors/solution: SpeedHex®3 and SpeedTab®
  • 2 quality control technicians
  • Areas: Two cyclones
  • Nearly 16.000 anchors installed

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