Cement plant, CEMEX, January 2024

SILICON and CEMEX have been working together since 2015, and because of this long-term relationship, they still had some SpeedBolt® stock left in their warehouse. However, extra anchors were ordered for this project, as the burner pipe needed a fresh new lining of anchors.

Installation work took place in various areas such as the Cyclones, Area Duct, Rotary Kiln, Chamber and Burner Pipe.

Scope of work - Reusable SpeedBolt®

The SpeedBolt® system is one of our most sustainable solutions, lasting anywhere between three and 12 years. On this project, some areas had 9-year-old SpeedBolts®. Because of its reusability, the scope of work on this project was smaller. Most work consisted of fitting new bullhorn anchors and minimum welding in these areas was done.
Find the pictures below to see how SpeedBolts® look after 9 years of service!

SpeedBolts® robust nature saves time and money for our customers. Want to learn more about this innovative and reusable system? Discover why SpeedBolt® system is a mechanical upgrade.

Welding up in a high tower? No Problem for Rapid Arc Welding (RAW)!

Cyclones on this project ranged in height and demolition work of the refractory still had to be done. Our crew had to move between various levels – from three to ten to five.

Luckily this is no problem for our RAW machines! They can easily be transported on the elevator or can stay on the ground floor, thanks to the durable cables and the machine that supplies the power needed. We can go up to 75 meters high, guaranteed!

Burner pipe – SpeedCells® doubles the lifetime

In most cement manufacturing plants, the burner pipes that heat the kilns have a lifespan of 3-12 months before they become so damaged and degraded that they need repairing or replacing. Unlike a standard V anchor, the SpeedCell® ‘hugs’ the refractory. The refractory material spreads itself through the open pattern of the Cell, and cannot be dislodged.

The SpeedCell® saves downtime and can reduce your costs in half! Want to learn how? Read the whitepaper "Enhancing burner pipe lifespan" for free.

Tight schedules

The night shift who did the refractory installation had to work closely with our crew, to make sure the anchors were installed before they could install the refractory material. Sometimes our crew would walk into a unit in the morning and see their installed anchors already covered with a nice lining of refractory.

With efforts made by both parties the teams could do their work smoothly and according to schedule.

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At this jobsite

  • Anchors/solution: Speedbolt® and SpeedCell®
  • 4 crew members: 2 Supervisors, 2 Operators.
  • Areas: Cyclones, Area duct, Chamber, Rotary Kiln and Burner Pipe.

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