March 2nd, 2023

Winter repairs are in full swing!

Every year from November till March cement plants are focussing on “winter repairs”, which means many planned and unplanned maintenance activities!

SILICON has ideal solutions for refractory anchoring systems, including rapid installation within days, for a fast and smooth Turnaround! Find out which product in our SpeedSeries will be the best for your application:

SpeedCell® for burner pipes
Burner pipe burnt out again?! It doesn’t have to be that way. 
SpeedCells® double the lifetime of the burner pipe, because they have a stronger refractory holding power that lasts through the shrinking and expanding of the refractory material.

In our whitepaper "Enhancing burner pipe lifespan in cement plants"
we go deeper into the problems of common V anchors.

SpeedBolt® for Rotary kiln, cyclones, coolers, and more!
Moveable anchors are mainly used in rotary kilns, where more stress occurs due to refractory movement causing the necessary replacement of anchors.

Our reusable SpeedBolt® does not need replacement, it is made of stainless steel and will resist corrosion, making it last for several turnarounds. Only the new Bullhorn anchor and clip will be replaced.

Read more in this article: SpeedBolt® is NOT "just" an anchor

SpeedClaw for Calciner and other areas

Are you still manually welding
Brick Claws? Save time with SILICON!

The SpeedClaw gives an even distribution of brick-weight support across the head of the anchor. It is robust, highly resistant to corrosion, and installed 10x faster with our RAW technology  due to its one-stud solution.

 Curious? Reach out to our sales team!

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