March 26th, 2024

Master Your Next FCC Turnaround with SILICON

Turnarounds are pivotal for safe refinery operations and the long-term reliability of fuel production. These planned periods of maintenance, renovation, and investment enable refineries to operate safely, comply with regulations, and stay competitive globally.

But what do refractory anchors have to do with turnarounds?
For over 60 years, the Fluid Catalytic Cracker Units in the petrochemical industry have used a combination of Hex Metal and refractory material to protect steel vessels against severe abrasion caused by the catalytic process. Refractory failure was just a given, and replacement would occur every turnaround, and most times incur an emergency shutdown for repairs.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

FCC Turnaround with SILICON

Our Refractory Anchor Subject Matter Experts understand the intricacies of your refinery processes. We also are well-versed with the challenges you face, including break-off, gasbypass, bulging, biscuiting, spalling, and carburization.

Through continuous innovation and research, we craft optimal solutions for refractory anchor systems, ensuring seamless operations during both planned and unexpected Turnarounds in the petrochemical industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we introduce our innovative solutions to combat corrosion, severe abrasion, and ultimately refractory failure, we are faced with a few key questions from the petrochemical industry.

How long does SILICON’s refractory anchors last in an FCC Unit?

The combination of innovative anchors, the right alloy selection, bright solution annealing, and efficient and accurate installation with Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) means that our anchors can last much longer than traditional anchors.

We have seen installations on a four-year run showing no wear and a surface as smooth as the day it was installed; furthermore, no cracks were seen at the metal/refractory interfaces. We have also witnessed a reactor cyclone inlet with no signs of damage and still smooth after 3 years, whereas the old-fashioned Hex Metal installed next to it at the same time was already spalling in areas.

What is the installation procedure for SILICON’s refractory anchors?

Our refractory anchors are installed using Rapid Arc Welding (RAW), a technology created by our subject matter experts to solve the many problems that conventional hand and stud welding have had for a long time. It is safe to use, as well as very accurate because every weld is a perfect weld. Furthermore, we can weld in non-standard refractory areas like corners, ceilings, and confined spaces.

I can get Hex Mesh and other anchors cheaper,
why should we invest in SILICON’s products and services?

With over four decades of experience in this industry, we have seen numerous companies popping up offering refractory anchors—either producing them themselves or sourcing them from other producers.

Sourcing cheap anchors has become really easy. And while they are “cheap,” they come at a hefty price. Cheap anchors are low quality and lead to frequent failures, which eventually translates to emergency shutdowns. Furthermore, choosing the wrong type of anchor can be detrimental to your Catalytic Cracker unit because they are incapable of lasting a complete turnaround.

What is the value proposition of partnering with SILICON?

Say goodbye to the headaches of corrosion-induced refractory failures and costly emergency shutdowns. Our solution ensures longevity, surpassing multiple turnarounds, making it not just sustainable but also highly cost-effective in the long term. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to perfection.

With us, every weld is flawless, guaranteeing precision and durability in every installation. Moreover, we don't just provide products; we provide a total solution. From initial sales to meticulous installation and ongoing support, we're dedicated to your success.

With SILICON winning isn't just an aspiration—it's the outcome you can count on.

How can SILICON help me?

Executing shutdowns and turnarounds requires meticulous planning and expertise. SILICON's pre-turnaround services streamline the process, offering pre-turnaround reviews, discovery planning, quality control technicians, and emergency services to ensure efficient operations.

Pre-Turnaround Assessment
SILICON's team of Subject Matter Experts conducts a comprehensive review of all FCC components, sub-components, and anchor specifications slated for work. Throughout this assessment, SILICON recommends the following crucial elements:

  • Optimal anchor types

  • Suitable alloy types, encompassing both single and dual alloys

  • Precise anchor quantities required for the task

  • Thorough review of all WPS/PQR weld procedures

Emergency Support
Recognizing the urgency in the fast-paced petrochemical industry, we understand the value of time. That's why our primary focus is to assist refineries during their emergency shutdowns. As leaders in the refractory anchoring sector, we provide:

  • 24/7 accessibility and global availability

  • Rapid response within 24 to 48 hours

  • Priority manufacturing and expedited shipping of refractory anchors (if unavailable in stock)

  • Prompt mobilization of skilled crews

  • Swift installation within days utilizing state-of-the-art Rapid Arc Welding technology

Additionally, SILICON specializes in discovery work during turnarounds, swiftly designing anchoring solutions to mitigate future emergencies. Our SpeedSeries® solutions offer alternatives to traditional hex metal installations, enhancing performance and durability.

Crafted by SILICON's experts, RAW technology revolutionizes anchor installation, prioritizing quality, speed, and safety within the petrochemical industry.

With SILICON, refineries can navigate turnarounds and shutdowns with confidence, ensuring operational excellence and reliability.