February 12th, 2020

Agile Mindset is the key to SILICON 2.0

In 2019 we introduced our new Mission Statement:

“To positively impact industries by providing superior anchoring systems and time-saving Rapid Arc Welding services"

This will be at the core of all our future activities. But we are ambitious for growth. And to achieve the required scale of development, certain things within the organisation need to change – at all levels, from top to bottom. These changes are not just visual or organisational. They are also changes in mindset, attitudes and ways of working.

To help us achieve our ambition for growth, we have adopted a strategy that we call the ‘Agile Mindset’. It is based on the central idea that we need to be capable of adapting rapidly to changing circumstances. It means recognising that decisions and actions taken today can only be based on the latest available information. And since the flow of new information is continuously changing, we need to continuously re-evaluate our decisions and actions, adapting rapidly to achieve improved results.

This process is designed to create a new version of our company – SILICON 2.0. It will enable us to handle the growth that is coming our way. With the new Agile Mindset, we will create better organisational alignment, to ensure that all departments are working closely with each other to achieve the mission statement.

Getting to SILICON 2.0 is a challenging journey. We will have to step out of our comfort zone and develop new habits and protocols. But the Agile Mindset is there to guide us on our path.

When we were developing this strategy, we concluded that this change cannot be achieved via the conventional top-down management approach. In other words, it is not simply a case of management deciding what the workforce must do. Instead we must engage the willing participation of all SILICON employees.

We won’t settle for being good or better. We aim to be the best at what we do. To achieve that, we need to unlock the power of engagement and motivation throughout the company.

For our customers, it means receiving a level of service and a quality of product that surpasses anything that they can receive anywhere else in the marketplace. For SILICON as a whole, it means a successful commercial operation that can take pride in its reputation for quality and responsiveness.

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