Sales & Marketing

Sales Department:
Our Sales Experts are driven by a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, striving to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. Our team of international Business Developers is dedicated to identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities to enhance our global market presence. Our Inside Sales specialists employ meticulous precision in formulating competitive pricing strategies, ensuring unparalleled value for our valued customers

Marketing & Promotion Department :
Our primary objective is to elevate SILICON's brand visibility through a strategic blend of online and offline communication channels. By meticulously curating our corporate identity, we bolster Sales' efforts and fortify our foothold in existing markets while proactively identifying and seizing opportunities in emerging sectors. At SILICON, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal; it's a commitment to perpetual innovation and growth.

What can I expect?

  • Personal growth, no limits other than your own
  • Pleasant and informal atmosphere
  • Opportunity to prove oneself through hard endeavor
  • Opportunities to improve yourself
  • 12 team members

A day with the Sales Team

The Sales team consists of 10 multicultural members, making sure all our customer's questions and inquiries are heard and answered. The outside sales & business development team explores new opportunities and markets while keeping in close contact with their existing customers. The Inside Sales calculates quotes, gathers all the necessary information, and works lightning fast to meet the deadline.