Petrochem USA, March 2023

The scope of this RAW project was larger than others in the USA, because this refinery had not done a proper Turnaround since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. This means that scheduled maintenance and repairs were put on hold from about 2019 till Q1 of this year.

Firstly, a demo with our anchors was done for the refinery and the customer loved it. The project itself consisted of the complete reline of the Regen cyclones in two units, which is a little over 150,000 SpeedHex® anchors, as well as multiple areas that required SpeedVee® anchors.

Several of the foremen and operators have become familiar with the SILICON equipment because of previous successful collaborations. However, our assistance can be helpful when it comes to small errors, troubleshooting, and telling the difference between various anchors.

One challenge we faced was getting the anchors on site quicker than expected. The Turnaround was moved a couple of months earlier than planned, requiring everything to be shipped much sooner. Thanks to quick handling by the SILICON Projects team and efficient production planning, all equipment arrived on site on time.

At this jobsite

  • Anchors/solution: SpeedHex® 3 & SpeedVee®
  • Work in the Reactor, Regen Cyclones/Air Grids/Side walls and CO Boiler
  • 2 Lead quality control technicians
  • Large job since the last turnaround in 2019

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