Petrochem, South Africa, March 2023

This project required repair work in the cyclones with SpeedHex® 3 and SpeedBolt®. The speedy installation with SILICON's Rapid Arc Welding surprised many on-site and had a positive impact on the Turnaround time.

Problem solving on the spot:
Our crew made various discovery work and will most likely return to install in the discovered crucial areas. With extra stock of anchors we fixed some of the problems immediately. One of the lining with welded SpeedHex® 3 had to be closed with our Hextermination solution.

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SILICON Success Story at a refinery in South Africa 2023

At this jobsite

  • Anchors/solution: SpeedHex® 3 & SpeedBolt®
  • 2 welders/ 1 inspector
  • Small repair project with more to come

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