Refinery, Rotterdam, March 2024

SILICON and this refinery in Rotterdam have a long and fruitful relationship, with projects occurring every three years. In March 2024, we headed back to this refinery for a planned Turnaround.

Once we arrived, we set up the machines, hooked up the Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) guns and began installing anchors. We worked in a few sections of the refinery, such as the reactor, scrubber, heater, and gasifier. This refractory anchor installation lasted 15 days.

Scope of work

Throughout the project, the scope of work continued to be  increased, which, was not a problem as Rotterdam is right on our doorstep. Our logistics team managed to get more anchors on site in no time. Another contractor incorrectly marked the welds, but our crew fixed the issue to ensure that the pattern flows smoothly.

For optimal quality and speed, we implemented a day and night shift, which was split between five SILICON welders.

SpeedHex®3 , SpeedVee® and SpeedBolt

The SpeedHex®3 is designed to remove the direct path for gasses to reach the shell and enable continuous refractory protection across its  surface. This approach ensures a more uniform distribution of refractory material to flow through, over, under, and  in between each cell.

SpeedVee® has outperformed conventional V anchors in every vessel they have been installed in. They're safer, more reliable and more cost-effective by having huge positive schedule impacts. With these full fusion welds, V anchors are no longer just little refractory attachments - they become mechanical upgrades, with refractory features.

SpeedBolts® are moveable anchors that withstand stress due to refractory movement. Conventional moveable anchors are normally not very reusable due to thermal processes and destructive refractory removal methods. The SpeedBolt® system consists of 3 parts, the “eye” which is welded with Rapid Arc Welding on the colder side of the shell, next the bullhorn anchor is fitted through the “eye” and a plastic clip is hammered on top to secure everything in place. The SpeedBolt®  can last from 3 to12 years!

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At this jobsite

  • Anchors/solution: SpeedHex® 3 , SpeedVee® and SpeedBolt®
  • Areas: Reactor, Scrubber, Wear pads, Gasifier, Heater.
  • 5 Crew Members: 1 Project Manager, 2 Supervisors, 2 Operators
  • Installation time: 15 days
  • Increased scope of work - Done successfully

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