May 27th, 2024

Rapid Arc Welding: A Game Changer in the Shipbuilding Industry

SILICON is revolutionizing the Shipbuilding Industry with Rapid Arc Welding

If you are familiar with the shipbuilding industry, you will know how important welding has been in the production processes of marine vessels. Developed in the early 1900s, stud welding is still used for various shipbuilding purposes.

However, as the world of shipbuilding progressed, stud welding could not keep up, resulting in inconsistent and poor-quality welds, not to mention regular breakdowns. All of which affect the overall construction time and cost.

In the 1990s, to directly address these shortcomings, SILICON invented Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) technology. RAW is an innovative welding technology that is safe, user-friendly, fast and delivers the perfect weld every time.

RAW is like fully automated stud welding, but on steroids.

The Difference Between Rapid Arc Welding and Stud Welding

What better way to understand the differences between stud welding and RAW than to watch Damian, Head of Production of RAW technology at SILICON, explain in a video!

Shown side-by-side, this video highlights how efficient our technology is, from setting up the gun and machine to features and performance when welding different alloys.

The Perfect Weld – Every Time 

Rapid Arc Welding gives you lab-quality welding in the field. because everything is computer-controlled, RAW machines leave no room for human error.

Our machines have a Computer Control System and Remote Data Collection and Analysis, offering unparalleled reliability. This comprehensive integration ensures minimal disruptions, extremely low stud rejection rates, and optimal quality, safety, and ease of use.

Key features include:

  • Real-time weld quality logging

  • Optimize welding machine remotely

  • Back up your machine history and welding settings

  • Real-time graphing of welding conditions

  • Easily troubleshoot welding anomalies

Engineered Solutions for Shipbuilding

Do you have problems or processes that require a completely new stud or fastener solution? No problem! Our expert engineers can identify optimal solutions for various applications, develop new studs or fasteners tailored to specific problems, re-engineer hand-weldable studs into Rapid Arc Weldable ones, and transform self-designed studs or fasteners based on provided drawings or samples.

We also have a range of studs, fasteners and RAW accessories available for a variety of shipbuilding processes:

  • Shear connectors

  • Headed concrete studs

  • Cable hangers

  • Electro flat bars

  • Levelling studs

  • Chucks for Anchoring Systems

  • Footplates

  • Adapters

  • Cables and Connectors

  • Gun and Cable testers

Rapid Arc Welding accessories shear connectors, chucks and cables

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We want our team to do the welding, does SILICON provide training?
Absolutely! If you prefer to have your team do the welding, we will train your workforce to ensure
the best results.

Q: How often do SILICON RAW machines need maintenance?
RAW guns and machines do not need maintenance, however, when a rental comes back from a shipbuilding job site, we do an inspection and a clean to remove any dust that may have accumulated on-site.

Q: Made in Holland, but does SILICON have a US presence?
Yes, we have a fully stocked warehouse in Texas and can ship anywhere in Northern America. We also have an experienced team who can assist with training and anything else you need.

Q: We need to develop a fastener or stud with a special purpose, can you help?
Yes, we can! While we have a range of studs and fasteners available for a variety of shipbuilding operations, our engineers can design any product according to your drawings or specifications.

Rapid Arc Welding is safe and efficient

Rapid Arc Welding:
A Game Changer in the Shipbuilding Industry

SILICON’s Rapid Arc Welding technology enables shipbuilders to reduce time spent welding for new construction and maintenance because RAW produces the perfect weld, every single time.

Thanks to RAW, we can now provide customers with a highly cost-effective alternative to older, more conventional fastening and stud installation methods.

In non-standard areas (i.e. corners, ceilings and confined spaces) distance safety regulations made it difficult to weld safely and comfortably. But Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) technology has changed that. We have researched these issues and incorporated our findings into the design of RAW, improving both work rates and ease of operation.