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Maintenance Engineer

Since her establishment in 1982, SILICON has grown into an international product leader in special stainless fastening systems. SILICON is a metal fabricating and welding services company with more than 75 employees. We primarily design and manufacture these fastening systems and carry out specialized welding service in the Petrochemical, Steel Manufacturing, Energy, Cement and Shipbuilding industries.

This person will install and maintain electrical or mechanical systems in machines or in industrial facilities. The role entails making sure electrical and mechanical systems are safe, and running with utmost efficiency.


  • Responsible for operating, changing over, setting, repairing, and improving machines; packaging equipment, combining equipment, and providing support for the workings of auxiliary equipment
  • Maintain logs, and record labor, materials, and equipment used
  • Responsible for calibrating and checking instruments
  • Respond quickly to emergency situations
  • Open for the utilization of every tool which may include drills, mechanical saws, sanders, and buffers
  • Perform routine maintenance on production equipment, and perform repair on them when necessary
  • Wire machines and electrical panels in line with prints or make new electrical systems when necessary
  • Weld or operate a miller
  • Light machining
  • Troubleshooting: identify a problem and propose logical solutions to them
  • Browse blueprints and lots of schematics, and use an array of tools and diagnostic devices to service and install electrical components.


  • 3 years experience as an electrician working in an industrial environment
  • Experience and strong understanding for PLC controls
  • Excellent understanding of safety rules in an industrial setting
  • Knowledge of industrial and electrical laws
  • Flexible to work late hours and overnight, and should be able to work weekends when necessary
  • Strong mechanical, analytical, and solution driven skills
  • Excellent communication ability
  • Experience in automation, conveyors, and artificial intelligence expertise
  • Possess state certification or equivalent qualification or license
  • Possess strong electrical and mechanical abilities
  • Must be able to use basic tools and machinery
  • Ability to schedule and balance priorities; and possess a strong adherence to deadlines
  • Awareness of operational machinery problems in short proximity
  • Strong ability to read measure devices and blueprints
  • Customer Service: ability to relate with and work with several people irrespective of their background
  • Critical Thinking: once a problem is identified, able to deal with it critically
  • Teach others current or new ways of production, processes and procedures
  • Make suggestions for improvement in areas for cost reduction, processes, quality and productivity

What SILICON Offers

SILICON offers an excellent rewarding system for productivity and ethical conduct.

1. Opportunity to prove oneself through hard endeavour
2. Personal training opportunities to improve yourself
3. Personal growth opportunities with no limits other than your own
4. Pleasant and informal atmosphere
5. 25 paid vacation days per year
6. A fitting salary to match the dynamic of your performance, attitude and character

SILICON further offers an attractive benefits package in accordance with CAO for Metaalbewerkingsbedrijf.


If you identify yourself in the above profile and meet the job requirements, please apply by sending in your motivation letter and recent CV to

For questions, please contact the HR Department, via our number 0174-225521.