Rapid Arc Welding Services and Contracting

Rapid Arc Welding is a proven success.

SILICON developed into a full service partner in the area of Refractory Anchoring systems and installation. Who better to install your anchors with our RAW equipment than our own professional staff? We are able to offer you the best service and quality possible for all your turnaround needs.

RAW ensures a complete high-quality and reliable installation with 100% fully documented welding statistics for Quality Assurance. We have become an industry standard due to our focus on quality, speed, safety and because we deliver on our promises. You enjoy the benefit of worldwide services by our highly skilled and experienced team of supervisors and welders. Our team has the necessary VCA certificates, so we can support you anytime, anywhere. We are fast responders and can mobilize within days, making us the perfect choice for planned and unplanned work.

Our services

• Full team of welders and supervisors.
• Supply machines, guns, chucks and other accessories.
• Marking and grinding if needed.
• Rapid Arc Welding quality inspection.
• Metallurgic consultancy service.
• Decrease turnaround downtime by welding at least 10 times faster than hand welding.
• Utilizable in every industry.
• Engineer your anchors into Rapid Arc Weldable versions to weld them faster and better.

When you frequently weld a lot of studs, shear connectors or our specially designed refractory anchors and if you are interested in saving time and money, definitely ask how we can help you with a Rapid Arc Welding machine for your next job. Find out what difference we can make for your operations.

Would you like a demonstration?

SILICON is always willing to provide demonstrations to show what the team can offer you. Feel free to request our latest brochure with detailed information on our products and services. For all your questions please call or e-mail our dedicated team.