Rapid Arc Welding Guns

What would high-tech equipment be without the appropriate high tech tool?

Here are some reasons why the one-of-a-kind SILICON Rapid Arc Welding guns are more advanced than traditional stud welding guns:

  • Our guns use a stepper motor instead of a solenoid to weld, making it able to handle, up to 8 welding parameters at once.
  • One-minute setup, it’s incredibly easy.
  • Very operator friendly, anyone can use it and it’s much safer than other welding techniques.
  • Robust. We know working on construction sites can be tough, that’s why we designed it to handle a lot of conditions.
  • No maintenance required, it’s always ready to go when you are.
  • Easy chuck installation, they’re always custom-made to your needs.
  • Lightweight, all our guns minimalize strain on the welder this way.
  • Handle wide range of stud diameters, we take on all challenges to beat us in this!
  • Lights on gun, making it easier to illuminate your workspace.
  • No overheating, our technology makes each weld highly-controlled, preventing overheating.
  • Program selection at gun, no long trips back down to change your settings. Do it right at the gun!
  • Weld quality indicator at gun, the gun will let you know if the weld deviated from normal standards. Green is good, red is bad.
  • Ultra comfort handle, we molded it to the hand of any regular welder. It fits so perfectly that you WANT to weld with it.