Rapid Arc Welding Machines

Reliable technique for fixing refractory anchors

The latest ’State of the Art’ alternative to stud welding technology will guarantee you a minimal fall‐out of studs and a maximum of quality and pleasure to work with.







SILICON’s Rapid Arc Welding machines can do tasks that were considered impossible before!

Our Rapid Arc Welding machines use semi-automatic computer technology to guarantee a minimum of irritations, extremely low rejection rates of studs and a maximum of quality, safety, and a pleasure to work with. The stepper-motor gives a repetitive, accurate control of the studs’ movement, position, and velocities during the weld. We have four machines available to suit various types of applications.

Welding from 3 up to 36 mm in diameter, with high-performance in climates of up to 50°C. SILICON Rapid Arc Welding products make it happen.


Tailor-made accessories

SILICON engineers its own chucks, ferrule plates, and welding accessories to facilitate rapid arc welding for any position and for applications in between pipes, on pipes, or extremely tight spaces.

Our machines have the following features:

•    Smooth and even spread of the weld pool metal around the stud
•    Reliable and constant current control and output during the weld
•    Easy setting of finite parameters
•    Ability to select programs at the gun
•    Storage of up to 40 different programs and settings possible (can be upgraded to 500)
•    Low power consumption Smooth ‘hot plunges’ possible
•    Generally 30% lighter in weight than traditional machines
•    Reduction of wear of the stud holders (chucks)
•    Longer lifetime, less internal burning
•    RDCA (Remote Data Collection and Analysis): There is a LAN (Local Area Network) connectivity on all machines with remote access via an IP address (PC driven), this allows you to see what each of your machines is doing anywhere in the world. This is very useful for remote training, maintenance, or productivity checks!

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