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Dual Linings (Series D)

We have refractory anchoring systems available for many refractory concrete linings, employing multi-component configurations like high-density hot face linings backed by lower density heat conserving materials.

D-01 The Twin Pin Anchoring System

The Twin Pin anchor is a round-sectioned refractory anchor developed for cost-effectiveness and versatility and is suited for applications using a backup layer.

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D-02 The V on Nut System

The ‘V’ on Nut System is a ‘V’ shaped refractory anchor welded onto a nut, thereby making it suitable for screw-on dual linings. Almost all of our anchors can be welded onto different sizes nuts.

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D-03 TV and TCH anchors

The Screw on ‘V’ and ‘CH’ is a screw-on refractory anchor suited for light to medium weight dual lining systems.

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D-04 Slit Stud Anchors

The Slit Studs are very convenient and cost effective refractory anchors for light weight concretes and are suitable for Rapid Arc Welding.

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