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The SILICON Storks grab their 2nd win!

15 May 2018

After a difficult week against fellow Ph.D. Quick Amersfoort, the triptych against HCAW from Bussum did not start too well. The Storks lost the last game on Thursday with a 12-3 score. The pitch remained free of mistakes, but the pitching staff didn’t have a very easy time during this game. Due to another injury, Nick Winkel had to make a start with very little preparation. He defended himself bravely but eventually had to allow eight points in four innings. Eduardo Guerra then made his debut in the Dutch big league and for Silicon Storks. For three innings straight there were no base hits against him, but he still had to score three runs. Gijs Timmer threw the game. Despite the clearness of the field, it is difficult to win a game when 11 runs are walked and 9 base hits are crashed. Aldi Guzman accounted for the offensive highlight by hitting his first home run of the year, and Tyron de Windt collected two base hits.

True faces

After the deception of Thursday, the SILICON Storks strongly started the next game on Saturday and showed their true faces. In the 2nd inning, SILICON Storks took a 2-0 lead due to a single by Joost van den Bergh and a wild pitch by HCAW. Aldi Guzman and Philipp Brandl scored on this. In the 3rd inning, HCAW fought back by scoring a run on 2 base hits and an error. This was the lone run by starting pitcher Martin Kram in 7 strong innings. Because the lead was not extended, unfortunately, the SILICON Storks completely forgot to reward themselves. In the 8th inning on the pitching of José Moreno, two runs were scored. This brought the score to 3-2. In the last inning, no one scored, making 3-2 the final score.

An insane win!

During Sunday’s game, the gap was changed no less than six times. Chris Pfau, the starting pitcher of HCAW, was in charge of the SILICON Storks for 6 2/3 inning. A point was scored on him by Quinlan de Windt, but it was never really dangerous. When Pfau was replaced, the SILICON Storks came off completely. From a 1-5 deficit, it immediately became a 6-5 lead. The score then went from 6-7 to 7-7 in the 9th inning. In the 10th inning, José Moreno had another difficult time. A tactical choice to throw four wide intentionally, to avoid dangerous batters, didn’t go as planned. Partly due to a mistake by Tyron de Windt, HCAW was able to score 4 times. Intermediate score: 7-11. But the SILICON Storks did not give up. With the bases loaded, Aldi Guzman hit a grand slam home run to tie the score with one single hit. Nick Nefs then singled and he left a few balls at third base. After all, Tyron de Windt became the hero of that day by hitting an anfield hit where Nick Nefs scored the winning run! In this game, the SILICON Storks hit 17 hits, including 5 by Kendrick Delima and 4 by Runai Coran.

Next week, three games will be plated against L&D Amsterdam, who are currently in 2nd place. Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon the SILICON Storks will play in Amsterdam. The competition in Kijkduin will be played on Saturday at 2:30 pm.

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