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The 3D Refractory Anchor for Pipe Linings: CVC

4 April 2018

Our newest 3D refractory anchor is called CVC (Corrugated V-Anchor Curved) and has many benefits over the older types of 3D anchors. The first major improvement over the older 3D models is on the issue of durability. Our CVC will increase the durability of your whole installation due to the complete redesign of the conventional 3D anchor.

Another big solution for our customers is the fact that the installation has become much more efficient for welders. Because of our welding accessory design, welders can remove the gun much easier – no more wiggling or shaking the gun to get it released from the refractory anchor.

Furthermore, we have designed special ferrules for the installation of this anchor. A ferrule that fits snug for all kinds of pipe linings, this will assist in weld consistency and you can count on the same quality being applied in your whole construction. Using the SILICON Rapid Arc Welding technology ensures a complete high-quality and reliable installation with 100% fully documented welding statistics for Quality Assurance. So why not rent our Rapid Arc Welding machines?

Besides the technological and commercial benefits of the CVC system, the quantities of refractory anchors per square meter may in certain cases be reduced offering even faster installation times and superior quality.

If you are interested in CVC refractory anchors, feel free to contact SILICON for your pipe wall designs. You can give us your pipe diameter, the center distance between pipes and lining heigh. We will supply you with a free drawing that includes full spacing, anchor codes, and competitive pricing.


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