HAAG Athletics


We are a proud sponsor of HAAG Athletics! With approximately 1.800 members, HAAG is the biggest athletics club in the The Hague area. In 2015 and 2016, the men’s -and women’s teams of HAAG became team champions in the(Dutch) nationwide competition. HAAG Athletics members practice athletics in all aspects of the sport. From shot-put and javelin throwing to sprinting and long distance runs.



The beginning
The history of HAAG Athletics starts in the early years of the 20th century, when on January 24th, 1919, the club ‘Fast & Loan’ is founded. As usual, at that time, it was an association only for men. The years that followed were dominated by many sporting successes and running started to get a good reputation in the Netherlands. The association also merged with other sports clubs from The Hague for several times and later on, women could sign up too. In 1991 a final merging round took place and the association got its definitive name: HAAG Athletics. HAAG now counts about 1800 (!) members and is one of the top 5 best athletics clubs in the Netherlands to date!


Olympic talents
HAAG Athletics holds a history with many well-known athletes, like participants to the Olympics and European/World championships. (Previous athletes such as Puck van Duyne-Brouwer, Xenia Stad-de Jong, Myrna van der Hoeven-Jansen and Erik de Bruin. But also now, in 2018, HAAG Athletics is a prominent athletics club with (international) stars like Khalid Choukoud, Erik van Vreumingen and Fabian Florant.


Team Champion 2015/2016
In 2015 and 2016, the men’s team of HAAG Athletics became the Dutch team champion. Ever since the early years of HAAG, the men, as well as the women’s teams, act out in the highest division possible in the nationwide (Dutch) competition.


Running for all ages
By running we mean running in the broadest sense of the word. At HAAG Athletics you will find many running groups. All of these groups are supervised by expert trainers. In terms of running, there are 3 currents: fitness runners, recreational runners and medium and long distances (MiLa). Youth athletics is part of track athletics at HAAG athletics. Starting at the age of 6 years, children can come to us for play and performance athletics. In the youngest youth groups, the emphasis is mainly on game-oriented preparation for athletics. Fun in moving is the most important here!


SILICON Talent Team
Athletics are a very popular sport among the local youth. HAAG Athletics

Athletics is popular among the Hague youth. HAAG Atletiek has a lot of youthful talents besides the track athletics section, with mainly seniors. The most successful young athletes train in the SILICON Talent team. In this team, a lot of attention is paid to track athletics (from trimmer to marathon runner).

For more than 100 years, HAAG Atletiek has been passionately committed to the sport so that every athlete can develop his talents in the full breadth and flourish. Hopefully with another 100 years coming!