NUH Cement, Turkey 2018

NUH Cement was looking for better installation and a long-term usable anchor solution. Especially in the kiln hood and kiln inlet, they needed the best solution due to the poor anchor quality and welding problems. They chose the Speedbolt® for their problematic area.

They also used the Speedbolt® for new cooler panels to extend the lifetime of the steel sheet. Once the Speedbolt® "eye" is welded on the cooler sheet, it can stay a very long time. So for the next Turnaround they can just buy V or Bullhorn anchors and fix it to the already installed SpeedBolt® eye. Indeed, as more welding on steel is needed on the next TA, the lifetime of the metal sheet is extended.

At this jobsite...

  • Anchors: 3300 Speedbolt®
  • Kiln hood - Kiln inlet areas
  • For more insights and pictures on the long lasting SpeedBolt®, read our article on our News page, "Why is the SpeedBolt® a fantastic mechanical upgrade".

Customer Statement

Bilgehan Aktas

Production manager, NUH Cement

“Especially in the kiln hood and kiln inlet area, we used to face refractory anchor related problems. Thanks to the welding of the SpeedBolt® anchors on these areas, we solved our refractory abrasion problems. We have reached 3 years of service.”

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