About us

Corporate Mission

To transform the refractory industry into using superior anchoring systems and time saving Rapid Arc Welding services.

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to provide the technical and metallurgical expertise required to bring Refractory Anchors, and their installations, to the next level.


SILICON was established in The Netherlands by Wouter Garot in 1982.

He used his expertise in materials science and his experience in applying special high temperature alloys in special applications.

At that time, the refractory anchor industry was predominantly dictated by old and traditional methods that did not keep up with the ever-increasing loads and stresses that the modern applications were demanding.

Own path

1990 was the year that SILICON engaged in a highly ambitious project to achieve the ultimate quality in STUD WELDING. The challenge was to develop stud welding machinery that was the best of its kind. Today the SILICON stud welding technology, called Rapid Arc Welding, is recognized worldwide for its excellent safety, repetitive quality and operator friendliness.

SILICON Rapid Arc Welding Contracting and Services Inc.

There was also a focus on the US market as the demand was becoming so great that Mr. Garot decided to create a daughter company, named SILICON USA Inc., in 1998. Since its establishment, many industries in the United States have turned away from conventional stud welding and taken on Rapid Arc Welding as a standard. For several of the biggest companies in the US in the Energy, Petro-Chemical and Shipbuilding industries we are the trusted name in welding technology and engineering.