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Refractory Anchors

We manufacture, in our purposely built facilities, Refractory Anchoring Systems for the Petrochemical, Chemical, and Furnace Building industries. We keep large stocks of various high temperature alloys like 310, 330, 800, 601 and 625 in shapes such as round bars, flat bars, plates and round wire so we can confidently offer you short delivery times. Other alloys such as Haynes are available on request. Should you have a preference on self designed anchoring systems, we will be happy to offer these according to your own drawings, samples or sketches.
To order anchors found on this website, please use our standard encoding system as mentioned on the correlating page.

We have divided our Refractory Anchoring Systems into six categories:

It’s hard to make a smart decision in the competitive market of Refractory Anchor manufacturing. You have every right to be skeptical. Our customers come back to the SILICON professionals because we listen. Our sales and engineering staff work together quickly and effectively. Besides that we own the biggest machine park and tooling collection for Refractory Anchors in Europe. We make our own tooling which makes us flexible enough to create any anchor.
If you have any questions about our refractory anchors or how they are welded with our Rapid Arc Welding technology, feel free to contact us or check out our video page.

When we manufacture Refractory Anchors, they are not just “pieces of steel” to us. They are finely engineered components with your refractory applications in mind. We are here to help. Let us show you what difference we can make when you work with us.