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The Most Effective Method to Install Refractory Anchors

March 2014

In recent years, SILICON has made a big impact in several industries by training experts in our Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) technology to provide customers with a highly cost-effective alternative to conventional methods of installing refractory anchors. Combine this with custom-made anchoring solutions and you will see why SILICON is growing exponentially worldwide.

Petrochemical Industry

In the Petrochemical field, SILICON has proven results of reducing turnaround/shutdown times by the days and weeks. All over North-America and Europe, big oil companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell and their affiliates are widely adopting SILICON Rapid Arc Welding and anchoring solutions as the new standard for creating efficient production times and enormous cost-savings over conventional installation methods.
Our clients encountered some of the BASIC problems with the conventional stud welding machines. Follow this link and we will explain what has been done to overcome this in the SILICON Rapid Arc Welding machine.

Cement Industry

The Heidelberg group, after a year of extensive testing in the cement industry, has started adopting our patented moveable anchoring solutions in combination with RAW technology to bring the industry forward in terms of durability of their refractory linings and faster future repair potential.

This and more could never have been achieved without our multilingual team of Rapid Arc Welding Specialists. So why should you hire a RAW welder or a RAW machine?


RAW Specialists

A RAW Specialist can come from any walk of life, but before we put them to work we ensure they fit in the productive mindset of our team and customer-oriented goals. We focus on recruiting hardworking individuals that want to help SILICON bring about its Mission Statement of bringing and applying optimum solutions to industry-wide problems.

We believe this can only be accomplished by realizing the importance of hands-on learning and troubleshooting for our dedicated employees. Once new recruits pass our tests, they are closely trained by our experienced staff to fully educate them on the common problems we face in our day-to-day activities.

From the technical parts of the machine to the details of refractory anchors production, our staff and their ability to serve you is unparalleled in this day and age. Our Specialists work hand-in-hand with customers and other partners to achieve the set goals and do not back down from a challenge.

Win-Win-Win Situation

Working together with our customers' and employees' firsthand knowledge, SILICON is able to fine-tune engineering solutions to REAL LIFE applications. This success comes about through the Team approach of bettering the industry for all. A Win-Win-Win situation is what we always strive for.

Possible Options for Our Customers

  • Renting the RAW machine for your own team (prior training by SILICON )
  • Hiring supervisors of SILICON for the jobsite
  • Performing full welding job by SILICON people
  • Purchasing Refractory Anchors

SILICON is always willing to provide demonstrations to show what the team can offer you. Feel free to request our latest brochure with detailed info about our products and services. Be it refractory anchors or Rapid Arc Welding services, we can provide you with the answers you need.

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