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Reinforcing Fibers For Refractory Concrete

May 2016

Reinforcing fibers can be used to reinforce the refractory material and enhance the thermal shock resistance. The area of influence of the reinforcing fiber is determined by the shape. The total effectiveness of the reinforcing fibers is determined by the length, volume, dispersion, operating temperatures and alloy type. SILICON supplies ME-MIX, a Melt Extracted steel fiber and C-MIX, a corrugated steel fiber. Other steel fibers, D-MIX or synthetic fibers can be supplied on request.


ME-MIX is a Melt-extracted refractory concrete reinforcing fiber primarily used in FCC refractory linings to enhance thermal shock resistance. It can also be used to mix with gunnable refractories and for precast burner blocks. 


C-MIX is a corrugated steel fiber used in FCC refractory linings to enhance thermal shock resistance. It forms an ideal mix for precast burner blocks and can also be used as mix in gunnable refractories.

Why you should choose for C-MIX

•     Cost effective: The corrugation of C-MIX improves the reinforcement area of influence of the fibers and reduces the percentage of fibers required to offer the same holding strength as ME-MIX. C-MIX is therefore a cost effective solution.
•     Increased thermal shock resistance: Unlike other steel fibers,
•    C-MIX is fully corrugated over the entire product length. This reduces the crack propagation in the refractory materials and thus increases the thermal shock resistance.
•    Improved usability: C-MIX won’t form a ‘ball’ either when packed, mixed in with refractory castable or when gunned. It will not block tubes when gunned, nor will it spring back from the wall when gunned. It can be grabbed by hand without injury to the skin.

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