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Incineration Shear Connectors

May 2014

Shear Connectors are recently also used to support refractory ceramic tiles in a number of refuse incinerators. It offers a good alternative to protect the pipe walls of the furnace compared to shot-created linings onto standard refractory anchors or boiler studs with rammed refractory masses. Depending on the application, tiles offer a more robust and more easily replaceable system as opposed to concrete linings. With differently shaped and sized Shear Connectors different tile designs from various manufacturers can be supported. Tiles control refractory movement and cracks and limits refractory stresses. SILICON can offer a variety of shapes and sizes of the Shear Connectors with a variety of alloy choices to ensure heat and corrosion resistance are optimum. A special Shear Connector in this range is a smaller model for incineration purposes.

Our ST37 Shear Connector

The ST37 shear connector has a diameter of only 16 millimeters and is 37 millimeters high. It is available in carbon steel and other materials are available on request. We engineer our products using finest quality components to ensure durability and robustness. In addition, it will be consistent at high exposure to corrosion and will not drop off easily.

The shear connector is supplied with a special designed ceramic ferrule for the Rapid Arc Welding installation of this anchor. The space between pipes is sometimes so narrow that special chucks/anchor holders are needed. A ferrule that fits snug for all kinds of pipe linings will assist in weld consistency and you can count on the same quality being applied in your whole construction.

Full service partner

Silicon has developed into a full service partner in the area of the Refractory Anchoring, special designs and on site installations.

Wouter Garot (CEO): “Silicon designs and manufactures refractory anchoring systems for many applications allowing us to integrate experiences gathered from other markets to areas that may also benefit from these innovations. Our independence and in house engineering skills allow us to design our own ferrules and chucks and by this, we distinguish ourselves from others in the market. With our knowledge of different industries we have built up a solid base of experience. This enables us to offer finely engineered and innovative solutions.”

Using the SILICON Rapid Arc Welding technology ensures a complete high-quality and reliable installation with 100% fully documented welding statistics for Quality Assurance purposes. So why not insist on our Rapid Arc Welding machines and services together with our experienced installation staff?

We understand what you need

Our research department continuously develops better solutions in refractory anchoring systems for the incineration industry. As welders and metallurgists with a passion for refractories, we know the problems that our customers face on job sites and so we engineer products with the end-user in mind.

Shear connectors are available in various shapes, sizes and alloys. Don’t hesitate to send us your shear connector specifications (diameter, length and alloy). We're here to help you. So feel free to contact us.