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Experience the benefits of our in-house Engineering Department

April 2017

What makes us able to offer you short delivery times worldwide?
We don't outsource our work which makes us able to solve problems really fast.
SILICON offers in-house engineering for all your refractory anchors. Being on site, our in-house engineering staff can readily troubleshoot and monitor the entire process from concept through manufacturing to ensure a high level of quality control. Our sales and engineering staff work together quickly and effectively. Finding solutions is a matter of minutes for our engineers, production experts and sales people.

We listen to your needs and requirements and then with impeccable attention to detail manufacture, modify, or design anchors to fit your needs. We believe that having all of these resources under one roof has proven to be the best way to provide you with the industry’s best manufactured refractory anchors.

Our Engineering Department makes a difference because we can:

•    engineer your anchors into Rapid Arc Weldable versions to weld them faster and better.
•    make a production drawing according to your own drawings, samples or sketches if you prefer a custom-designed anchoring system.
•    give you advice on what material to use for your refractory anchors.

Our ability to offer short delivery times also lies in the fact that we keep large stocks of various high temperature alloys such as alloy 310s, 330, 800, 601 and 625 in wire and plate. But it doesn’t end there. We also own the biggest machine park and tooling collection for refractory anchors in Europe and we design our own tooling which makes us flexible enough to create any anchor.

Let us show you what difference we can make when you work with us.
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If you have any questions about our refractory anchors or how they could be welded with our Rapid Arc Welding technology, a fast and easy solution to install refractory anchors, feel free to contact us.